Community Needs Addressed:

 Warm Hearths serves youth volunteers through tutoring in philanthropy and STEM skills. These young student volunteers are tutored in philanthropy and STEM skills as they perform our service projects.  They will learn basic physics, dye chemistry, photochemistry, solar panel mechanics, and energy conservation. We hope to instill in them the insight for philanthropy and STEM skills and carry on with continuing education. We provide scholarship opportunities for student volunteers who excel.

Warm Hearths aids the elderly and financially distressed individuals and families by providing for their heating and cooling needs. We provide firewood, propane, air conditioners, furnace repair, solar panels, and weatherizing maintenance. We find people in need through referrals of community members, churches, VFW hall, local law enforcement, and senior citizen centers. We encourage recipients to work alongside our team members in performing the work. Funding for expensive projects like propane, solar panels, roofing, or furnace repair is distributed on a sliding scale based on a rubric that outlines their financial needs. We partner with other established charities across the Treasure Valley such as WICAP (Western Idaho Citizen Action Partnership), Love Inc., Morrison Knudsen Foundation, Inc., The Chive, VFW halls, 22 Too Many, The Boy Scouts, to name a few.

Warm Hearths promotes healthy forests and farms by removing dead trees for firewood and concurrently teaching youth good environmental practices and energy conservation. We use renewable energy in firewood and install solar panels for energy conservation and budget relief for the recipients who it will be beneficial for. We harvest beetle-killed trees and salvage wildfire killed trees. We conserve energy by aiding recipients in weatherizing their homes through window wrapping and caulking.

Warm Hearths works with Love Inc., Rose Advocates, and other women shelters by providing firewood, propane, and solar panels for the homes of the sheltered women. The sheltered women and other recipients will receive emotional security knowing that there are people who are willing and able to assist them with basic survival. Through installation of furnace, solar panels, and home repairs/roofing, recipients receive stable and dependable shelter for years to come.

Our work will benefit disabled veterans, sheltered women, single parents, senior citizens, high school student volunteers, and the environment.  This work will teach STEM skills, conservation, and philanthropy to our high school volunteers.  Another product of these endeavors will be to lower the carbon footprint of the community in a sector that otherwise could not afford the investment.

Veterans will receive PTSD alleviation aide while participating in our work and other personalized activities.Type your paragraph here.

Our project and mission is five-pronged:

  1. Provide for the heating and cooling needs of individuals in need, with a focus on senior citizens and financially distressed families in the community. This entails cutting, delivering firewood, purchasing propane, paying for furnace maintenance, providing air conditioners, solar panels, subsidizing electric bills, and home repairs.
  2. Involve youth in helping with community service projects as well as learning about business. . This entails tutoring in STEM skills and giving them opportunities to plan, participate, and lead service projects teaching them leadership, hard work, team work, community service, environmental practices, and an appreciation for community members in need.
  3. Improve the environment by processing dead and diseased trees from the forest into usable firewood for those in need. This will help teach youth other environmentally sound practices.  It will help the people we serve to  save energy and money through home improvements.  This can lower the carbon footprint of the community in a sector that otherwise could not afford the investment.
  4. Aid veterans of foreign wars by helping them with heating and cooling assistance and PTSD alleviation.
  5. Work with women shelters and homeless shelters by keeping them in supply with heating, cooling sources, and solar panels.



Give the gift of warmth

Every community has senior citizens and individuals who worked so hard and gave their lives to build our economy, farms, dairies, schools. ect.. We show gratitude through working with volunteers to provide for the heating and cooling needs of senior citizens and others in need. By volunteering you can show your gratitude for all their hard work.

​​​​​​WARM HEARTHS Inc.  A Public Charity:              Based in Idaho, Operating in the Pacific Northwest

Meeting Community Needs


Warm Hearths is a non-profit organization designed to provide heating and cooling needs to the elderly, disabled veterans, and financially distressed members of the community. We perform, promote and teach environmentally sound forest management as well as providing energy conservation to the members we serve. Another part of Warm Hearths is having youth volunteers help out and in return for their service they learn philanthropy work as well as gaining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills that will help them in their future. We provide PTSD alleviation activities for veterans.​